As a South African-based company, we can make the exchange rates work for you!


At Perspective Publications, we make every effort to keep overheads as low as possible, so we do not need to rely on advertising to the extent many other publications do. We reserve limited space for advertising so that readers can focus on content, and so that advertisers can receive maximum exposure, and not get buried in an abundance of ads that readers will eventually ignore. We reserve the right to postpone advertising requests for future editions.

All rates are always negotiable.

Payment Terms:

Payment is NET 30. The publisher reserves the right to withhold advertising from delinquent advertisers.

If space is reserved and artwork is not submitted by the deadline, the advertiser will still be responsible for payment on the space reserved.

All advertising is subject to editor’s approval. The advertiser or advertising agency assume liability for all contents of advertising and any claim against the publisher as a result of the advertisement.

Paypal payments accepted - please ask for appropriate email for remittance.

Advertising Deadlines:

Please ask for deadline dates for future issues.


For non-profits who contribute content, advertising is free of charge.

Without content: On presentation of an IRS (or country of origin) letter of official non-profit status or proof of fiscal sponsorship: 50% discount on all advertising. 

Skambha Village, Perspective Publications, MIPJ Partners and Advisory Board members: one free ad per issue; additional ads in same issue at 25% discount.


Rates available on request. Special discounts available to existing advertisers.